Monday, June 11, 2012

Have An Abortion Shower?

Washington's nutcase Congressional candidate Darcy Burner thinks that women should celebrate their abortions.
“If you are a woman in this room — and statistically what I am about to say is true of about a third of the women in this room — if you’re a woman in this room who has had an abortion and is willing to come out about it, please stand up,” Burner said attempting to demonstrate her point. “Now, if you are willing to stand with every woman who is willing to come out about having had an abortion, please join them and stand up.”

Conservative blogger Melissa Clouthier, who in attendance, reported that nearly everyone stood.

“This is how we change the stories in people’s heads,” Burner explained, adding that “we need to make it okay for women to come out about the choices that we’ve made.”

According to Clouthier, the spirit in the room was one of celebration for abortion.


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