Saturday, June 30, 2012

Joe Williams' Career Opportunities

Now that he no longer works at Politico, he's free to find more suitable employment.
If you look at what's happened to Williams over the past 10 days, the only reason he got himself into trouble was due to the fact that he pretends to be an objective reporter. What he said on MSNBC is said by openly leftist reporters every hour. What he tweeted is tweeted by openly left-wing reporters every second of every day. 

What brought Williams down was his laughable disguise, his absurd pose, his ridiculous shield of "objectivity." No one would've even cared about the "dick" tweet had he been employed at the Huffington Post, Media Matters, or Talking Points Memo. 

Instead, Williams chose to work at a left-wing news outlet that also poses as objective so he could use that objectivity as a weapon against his political enemies on the Right -- and this time that weapon backfired. 

Nothing would make me happier than to see Mr. Williams gainfuly employed in the appropriate position that perfectly suits his impressive resume and his obvious desire to defeat the Right.
Just put on the uniform like we do. That's all we ask.


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