Saturday, June 02, 2012

More Evidence That Eric Holder's DOJ Shouldn't Be Handling Terrorist Trials

How the Justice Department blew the John Edwards case.
“Bringing the case was a black eye for the Justice Department,” said Ken Gross, a campaign-finance lawyer who briefly served as a consultant to Edwards’s defense team. “This makes it that much worse that the jury saw through it.”

“The failure to get a criminal conviction on any count raises a serious question about whether it should have been brought as a criminal case,” said Hampton Dellinger, a former North Carolina deputy attorney general who sat through the trial as a legal analyst for NBC News. “It’s just hard to see how they could have a better opportunity for conviction than they had. … I do think it’s a huge setback for the government.”
The gang that can's shoot straight. These guys can't even successfully prosecute lying, steroid pumping baseball players.


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