Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Network Of Lies

MSNBC continued its tradition of leaning so far forward that its corporate head became lodged in its corporate backside today with a story on Mitt Romney and Wawas. Andrea Mitchell attempted to use a deceptively edited clip to persuade her audience that Romney is out of step with the average voter.

Sooper Mexican compared the edited clip with the full Romney remarks. They clearly show Romney was amazed at the ways in which private sector competition motivates businesses, a fundamental that the government lacks. Mitchell deliberately omitted this point to falsely portray Romney as a fool.
NBC's deceptively edited version.

The unedited version - which tells a very different story. 

And of course, there was NBC's editing of a Rick Perry speech to make him appear racist.

It reminded me of the last time MSNBC attempted to pass off a deceptive edit as news. Remember the "big black cloud" incident?
PERRY: [edit] ... that big black cloud that hangs over America ...
SCHULTZ: That 'big black cloud' Perry is talking about is President Obama.


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