Sunday, June 17, 2012

Obama Should Call For A Mulligan?

Austan Goolsbee thinks that Barack Hussein Obama Kardashian should admit that he screwed up.
Goolsbee: “I think Matt’s right that we ought to come forward — and both sides — and the president should have a mea culpa, that we have gotten into a place that was very different from what the campaign wanted it to be from 2008, one in which — and, look, I think you could blame more the Republicans, but I’m sure the Republicans would say more you blame the president, but we got to — we got to back away from that.  Otherwise, we’re not going to be able to confront this pretty serious challenge at the time when we — when we could do it.”

Earlier in the show ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd suggested that President Obama should issue a mea culpa to help address the partisan divide in Washington that, Dowd argued, is a partial result of Obama pushing a partisan health care law after running on a message of unity during the 2008 campaign.
I don't see how the Republicans can be blamed for anything that's happened during the Obama regime. Name one initiative of theirs that has seen the light of day. Republicans didn't pass those monstrosity, ironically misnamed "stimulus packages." Republicans haven't imposed all those regulations. Republicans didn't impose a Gulf of Mexico oil exploration moratorium. Republicans didn't deny the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline. 

And, even given a mulligan, is there the slightest evidence that Obama would do anything differently? All he has done in blaming Republicans for slow job growth is accuse them of not giving him more of what has been proven ineffective at best and destructive at worst.


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