Saturday, June 30, 2012

Politico Mocks Fast And Furious Investigation

I guess it's no big thing to establishment media liberals when Democrats smuggle guns to Mexican drug cartels.
Take Roger Simon from Politico. He's their Chief Political Columnist, which sounds pretty serious. So it's strange that a serious Chief Political Columnist would tweet this yesterday:
Think House GOP now sorta regrets scheduling its Holder contempt vote for today? ‪#WhoStillCares
Who still cares that the U.S. government sold guns to Mexican gangs? I care. Brian Terry's family cares. I'm sure the families of the hundreds of Mexicans who were killed with these guns care. I guess a "Chief Political Columnist" doesn't have to worry about stray bullets from these guns but those who do CARE.
The Chief Political Columnist then tweeted:
If guns don't kill people, but people kill people, why are conservatives upset over Fast & Furious
I guess in the Beltway this might be a...joke?


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