Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Pyrrhic Victory?

Geraldo Rivera fears that the SCOTUS decision will represent a Bunker Hill-like victory for the Democrats. And he may have re-written it to make it unconstitutional.
Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends on Friday where he praised the Supreme Court decision on Thursday that allowed President Barack Obama’s health care reform law to stand. However, he said that the decision would lead to a Republican victory in November as Democrats would now have to defend the law as a tax increase. “It is a political issue and now the Republicans can make 2010 happen again, re-energize the tea parties, get the base motivated and bring the Obama tenure to an end,” said Rivera.
Here's another thing to consider. If the mandate really is a tax, then it's unconstitutional. That's because the mandate was concocted in the Senate and the United States Constitution requires taxes to originate in the House of Representatives.


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