Saturday, July 28, 2012

Anybody Else Rember Nancy Pelosi's Syrian Suck Up Tour?

After the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in 2006, new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi decided to implement her own foreign policy - and started out by sucking up to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.
An apparently botched message during a widely discouraged visit by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Syria this week has U.S. officials criticizing rogue efforts at diplomacy among U.S. politicians.

State Department officials said Thursday they made it quite clear they did not want Pelosi to visit Syria, a nation that is listed as a state sponsor of terror and is home to terror group Hezbollah, which started a low-grade war with Israel last summer.

Pelosi is the highest ranking U.S. official to go to Syria since former Secretary of State Colin Powell visited the nation in 2003. Defying the White House's Middle East policy by meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad, Pelosi said, "The road to Damascus is a road to peace."


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