Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ATF Intimidation Keeping Whistleblowers Silent

Eric Holder's campaign of retaliation has successfully kept whistleblowers from revealing more information about the Fast and Furious gun smuggling scandal.
A combination of fear that Department of Justice and ATF management will take revenge on them, and that most of the press and administration-supporting lawmakers will allow and even encourage that to happen, is keeping critics of agency corruption and abuse silent, Gun Rights Examiner learned over the weekend through a series of emails and telephone discussions with an agent whose name is being withheld for that reason.

A post on CleanUpATF, the “whistleblower” site where allegations tying Bureau-sanctioned gunwalking to Mexico with the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry were first raised, added to the call to investigate Eric Holder for bar sanctions following his being found in contempt of Congress. Outlining a list of reasons, the agent, posting anonymously through a proxy in defiance of a cited “order not to air ATF's dirty laundry,” concluded “The ABA needs to be pressured to enact their own rules by suspending Holder's law license because he has been held in contempt. Their rules are for everyone with a law license, so they must be applied to everyone equally. Disbar AG Holder now!”


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