Thursday, July 05, 2012

Axelrod Gives The Media Their Marching Orders

Smear Romney for us. The Washington Post is on board.
There's no question that what Axelrod is doing here is ordering his lapdog media to engage in the art of "raising questions," where with no evidence of any wrongdoing -- just the journOlisting of an Occupy-supporter -- the media can open a narrative that begins each broadcast with, "Questions are being raised about Mitt Romney's finances…" 

Which is no different from, "When did you stop beating Ann, Mitt…?"

Though Romney is in full compliance with any and all financial disclosure requirements, by using innuendo and suspicion, what the media intends to do here is to aid and abet Obama by tying Romney up in knots for as long as possible by making him prove a negative. Along the way, he will be smeared and tarred by the media as a shady rich guy -- and it's no coincidence that that's exactly what Obama wants.


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