Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Congressional Democrats Dump Pelosi

A third of the Democratic caucus in the House of Representatives have declined to donate to Nancy Pelosi's Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
We've reported here and here about the mounting number of Democrats who will not be following President Obama to Charlotte for his reelection party. 

Today comes word that an even more significant number of Democrats are abandoning Rep. Nany Pelosi in her time of need as the Democratic Congressional Committee has tried and failed to get fellow Democratic congresspeople to pony up their dues for the November election.

"64 Democrats — around one-third of the entire caucus — hadn’t paid anything to the DCCC, according to a party document provided to POLITICO. Another 109 members had paid only a portion of what they owe in dues, which are calculated based on seniority and committee assignments." 

The DCCC needs the money to help its members campaign for reelection and election against surging Republicans, who have made sure their party's coffers are full. 

"In June, GOP members flooded the National Republican Congressional Committee with nearly $6.4 million. The DCCC secured just $1.8 million from Democratic lawmakers."


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