Saturday, July 07, 2012

David Gregory's Job Security

NBC doesn't care about rating. It cares about defending the narrative.
Gregory's not only biased and partisan, he's not even likable. Whether you're Right or Left, let's just admit he looks and acts like the show-off high school bully we all remember -- exactly the kind of guy no one wants to bring into their living room on a Sunday morning.  
Russert had it all and therefore he's a difficult guy to replace. But if NBC had a brain in its head it would stop denying it will fire Gregory, do so immediately, and then offer ABC's Jake Tapper whatever he wants to come over and fill that chair. There's no question Tapper would restore the reputation of "Meet the Press" and increase ratings along the way.
Tapper's every bit as smart, likable, and objective as Russert, and like Russert, Tapper drill-downs on his interview subject without ever appearing disrespectful or like he's preening for the camera. But NBC won't replace Gregory with anyone for the same reason ABC installed George Stephanopoulos as the host of its own Sunday show, "This Week" (even though the free world knows that's rightfully Tapper's spot).


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