Monday, July 30, 2012

E J Dionne And The Clueless Left

One of the greatest assets that we conservatives have at our disposal is the utter cluelessness of leftists like E J Dionne.
Here are the two great campaign mysteries at midsummer: Why does Mitt Romney appear to be getting so much traction from ripping a few of President Obama's words out of context? And why aren't Romney and other Republicans moving to the political center as the election approaches?

Both mysteries point to an important fact about the 2012 campaign: For conservatives, this is a go-for-broke election. They and a Republican Party now under their control hope to eke out a narrow victory in November on the basis of a quite radical program that includes more tax cuts for the rich, deep reductions in domestic spending, big increases in military spending, and a sharp rollback in government regulation.
First of all, those few words weren't taken out of context. In fact, they are more devastating when the entire speech is replayed.  And it's not just a couple of words. Remember these words: "It worked." The private sectors is "doing fine." "Those shovel-read jobs were not as shovel ready as we expected." "Spread the wealth around."

And of course, there's the little issue of a moribund economy, a horrible health care reform plan and deficits such as the world has never seen before.


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