Thursday, July 26, 2012

Janet Incompitano: "I Dunno"

Janet Napolitano was asked a perfectly predictable question that any, remotely competent person in her position must know. She didn't. Or she played dumb.
In her opening statement, Secretary Napolitano boasted about how many weapons have been seized by federal agents.

“This decrease in apprehensions of those seeking to enter the country illegally, one of the best indicators of illegal immigration attempts, is combined with increased seizures in drugs, weapons, cash and contraband,” said Secretary Napolitano.

Congressman Chaffetz contested that boast with a pointed question.

“The president, yourself, the attorney general have all said that the Southwest border is more secure than it has ever been before,” Mr. Chaffetz said. “In Operation Fast and Furious, the government purposely allowed nearly 2,000 weapons to get into the hands of the drug cartels. How many of those weapons were detained at the border? Any?”

Secretary Napolitano simply replied, “I couldn’t answer that.”


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