Monday, July 23, 2012

Now Paul Krugman Is An Expert Climatologist

This wouldn't be so bad, if Krugman ever took the time to educate himself. But as is typically the case with Krugman, the only test of intelligence he applies is whether or not you agree with him.
Even with the best will in the world, it would be hard for most people to stay focused on the big picture in the face of short-run fluctuations. When the mercury is high and the crops are withering, everyone talks about it, and some make the connection to global warming. But let the days grow a bit cooler and the rains fall, and inevitably people’s attention turns to other matters. 

Making things much worse, of course, is the role of players who don’t have the best will in the world. Climate change denial is a major industry, lavishly financed by Exxon, the Koch brothers and others with a financial stake in the continued burning of fossil fuels. And exploiting variability is one of the key tricks of that industry’s trade. Applications range from the Fox News perennial — “It’s cold outside! Al Gore was wrong!” — to the constant claims that we’re experiencing global cooling, not warming, because it’s not as hot right now as it was a few years back. 
Speaking of banal, Krugman cites the current US heat wave and drought as proof of global warming, while ignoring that Europe is experiencing one of its coolest and wettest summers on record.

And, there are plenty of people who don't get dime from evil Exxon or the Koch brothers who are skeptical of Al Gore and global warming. And it is hard to ignore the fact that we're about 15 years into a period of no global warming. Well, it's hard unless your name is Paul Krugman.


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