Thursday, July 05, 2012

Obama Suck Ups Love Obama

“He’s a smart enough guy to realize that history rarely tells you what to do, although it often gives you some ideas about how to think about your choices as president,” said H.W. Brands, another dinner regular. “He will nod kind of in recognition, ‘I understand what you’re saying,’ but I haven’t seen him nod in agreement as in ‘Oh yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.’”

Dallek, like the other regulars, is a fan of the president and wants to see him reelected. The historian even suggested that talking more about past presidents might be a smart strategy for Obama as he campaigns.

“I think what Obama has to say is the last time we had a big businessman as president, it didn’t work out so well,” Dallek said, referring to Herbert Hoover.

“He was secretary of commerce for eight years. Who better suited? Well, his business background didn’t assure anything,” Dallek said. “Is it a fair analogy? Who knows. If [Mitt] Romney is elected, we’ll find out.”
This just goes to show you that you can become a famous presidential historian without knowing shit about presidential history. Are they really giving Roosevelt high marks for his handling of the economy versus Herbert Hoover? They might want to study a little economic history.


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