Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poverty Pleading Obama Outraising Romney By $125 Million

Barack Obama, who has been whining about how Romney and his rich friends are attempting to buy the election has actually outraised Romney by $125 million dollars. And that doesn't count his expenditure of taxpayer funds on his campaign.
President Obama has fooled plenty of people into thinking Mitt Romney is beating him in the race for campaign cash. This allows Obama to pose as a scrappy underdog and man of the people even as he raises and spends more money than his opponent. It's quite a trick, supported by three money machines:

First, Obama's campaign has outraised and outspent Romney's campaign.
Second, the Democratic National Committee outraised and outspent the Republican National Committee.

Third, outside groups explicitly taking Obama's side -- super-PACs, 527s and PACs -- have spent more than the outside groups on Romney's side.

Obama would have everyone believe otherwise. "We're getting outraised," Obama wrote in a typical fundraising email this week. This is only true if you concentrate solely on the month of June, when Romney's $105 million beat Obama's $71 million.

Obama's campaign has raised $326 million to Romney's $227 million, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission and the campaign's own reports of its June fundraising. That's a 44 percent lead for Obama.


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