Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Seattle Widow Marries A Neighbood

Her first husband, a warehouse, was demolished.
The impending neighborhood marriage is another stance against gentrification, according to seattlepi.com news partner KOMO 4.
Aivaz, who showed up to the council meeting late, said she couldn’t wait for public comment, and instead entered the gated area where members were seated to invite them to her wedding  by passing out flowers, and then yelling that housing should be for people, not for profit.
“This is the only thing I have left from the last building I married,” she said as she held up a brick from the 10th and Union Warehouse. “I cannot let it happen again.”
Held back by security guards, Aivaz eventually left the meeting, but was shortly after greeted by police outside.
“I just feel that justice has to happen now and I couldn’t wait,” she told police.
Anyone who was at her wedding earlier this year shouldn’t be surprised. Aivaz said at the time: “My heart is in Yesler Terrace, that place is going to get gentrified really soon, so I’ll follow my heart there next.”


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