Monday, July 02, 2012

The Washington Post Pronouces Bullshit On Itself

That's what they get for believing Barack Hussein Obama/Kardashian.
After being caught for the third time in as many months coordinating with the Obama campaign to attack Mitt Romney, the Washington Post finally -- in the most cowardly and slippery manner imaginable -- came clean today regarding the provably false charge that the presumptive GOP nominee outsourced American jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital:
The actual [Washington Post article in question] article, in fact, does not say that transfers of U.S. jobs took place while Romney ran the private equity firm of Bain Capital. …
The Obama campaign moved quickly to define what the article said, claiming that this transfer of jobs took place while Romney ran Bain. That’s not what the original article said.
This is how dishonest media cowards who wake up in the morning with David Axelrod nuzzling their ear correct maliciously-timed, journalistic hit jobs that can no longer withstand scrutiny.
What the Post's "fact checker," Glenn Kessler, is doing here is two-fold:
First, Kessler's attempting to rewrite and loophole the Post's butt out of a sling. Now that it's been proven Romney is only responsible for creating American jobs and not outsourcing them, Kessler wants us to believe the Post's front-page hit-piece never (who us?) claimed Romney was responsible for outsourcing.


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