Thursday, July 05, 2012

Who Would Want To Marry A Bitch?

Mean mouthed 39-year old wonders why she can't attract a man. I mean, let's be honest. Unless you're really good looking, and sometimes not even then, few people are going to tolerate bitchiness. And she's not good looking at all.
Single at the age of 39, I’ve often wondered why none of my relationships lasted the distance, but had always put it down to luck and timing — assuming I had neither on my side. 

But recently, my friend Steven threw some cold, harsh light on the subject.
‘Your problem is that you’re really snippy,’ he said.

‘Snippy?’ I asked, not entirely sure what he meant.
‘Yes, snippy,’ he said. ‘Abrupt. Critical. If someone says or does something wrong, then you’re onto it straight away. Men will ignore a lot of things if they fancy someone — a weird dress sense, or taking hours getting ready to go out — but they hate being put down or made to feel small. You can be funny, but sometimes it’s way too close for comfort.’
This wasn’t a nice thing to be told. But what he was saying did have a ring of truth about it.

I’d thought I was quite witty, to be honest, with my quick quips and smart comments. Now it seemed that what I thought was funny could be completely off-putting to men.


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