Thursday, August 16, 2012

Biden Staff Editing Pool Reports

On Thursday, Chuck Todd, NBC News’ White House Correspondent and Political Director, called a Politico report which revealed that Vice President Joe Biden’s staff actively attempted to edit pool reports, which are used to inform reporters about events on the campaign trail, an “outrage.” He said that the system of distributing pool reports through political staffers may have to change as a result of Biden’s staffer’s behavior.

Politico reporter Jonathan Martin, who originally reported the infraction by Biden’s staffers, said the attempted influencing of pool reports was “unheard of.” 

“The Biden aides are trying to edit wants in there while it’s being drafted, and then after you send it to them reviewing it and looking for potential land mines,” said Martin.

“And the only reason it gets sent through them – and I think we’re going to have to change this system – this is an outrage that they do this,” said Todd. “The only reason why we send it through them is it’s the fastest distribution vehicle.”

“It’s for us and by us,” said Washington Post political editor Chris Cillizza, shaking his head. “It’s remarkable.”

“The Biden staff is determined to police him and to really save him from himself,” Martin concluded.


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