Friday, August 24, 2012

Chicagoans Smarter Than Democrats Think

Guns don't kill people - gangs do. If Democrats can't even fool Chicagoans, then who can they fool?
While liberal activists like the Rev. Jesse Jackson are calling for more gun laws in response to the spike in violent crimes in Chicago, a poll indicates that residents are largely not blaming the violence on the notion there are too many guns on the streets.

The main reason for the spate in crime, they say, are gangs.

Asked by Illinois-based pollster Michael McKeon to finger the major cause of the increase of violent crimes in Chicago neighborhoods, 20 percent of Cook County, Ill., residents blamed gangs as the major reason for violence in a poll conducted of 629 residents Aug. 15-17.

Thirteen percent blamed a lack of parental guidance, 12 percent blamed a lack of economic opportunities, eight percent blamed the need for more police officers and seven percent blamed young people having nothing to do.

The option that polled the least is the notion that there are too many guns. Only six percent of those polled blamed the violence on access to guns.


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