Friday, August 31, 2012

Eric Holder Halts Harassment Of CIA

If you're going to brag about "getting Bin Laden," maybe it's not the best political strategy to prosecute the guys who gave you Bin Laden.
It’s a good day for releasing bad news, and the presidents’ lawyers on Thursday announced they were dropping two long-standing criminal investigations of CIA officials.

The investigations were politically unpopular with the public, and potentially risky for President Barack Obama, whose relatively high poll ratings rest in part on his successful killing of Osama bin Laden in May 2010.

That popular killing was achieved with the aid of CIA and military interrogations that were being investigated by Holders’ deputies during the three-year investigation.

However, Thursday’s announcement still carries risks for Obama, in part because his deputies did not concede innocence to the CIA officials, or even accept the Justice Department’s secondary role in the long-standing war against foreign jihadis.

In fact, Attorney General Eric Holder even used the Aug. 30 announcement to undermine the legal and moral authority of the military and CIA.


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