Saturday, August 04, 2012

Harry Reid's Father Was So Ashamed Of His Son

That he committed suicide. Harry Reid has far more to answer for than just his alleged pederasty.
This troubling tale has haunted Harry Reid through the shadowy years he ran the Nevada Gaming Commission, through his public embarrassment over the Los Angeles Times investigation into his son and son-in-law's Washington lobbying activities,the ethics investigation into the free tickets Reid happily accepted to boxing matches and the successful land development deal that ended up netting Reid $1 million when he sold it, in an amazing coincidence, to a friend and it became a shopping center.

And through all these years, Harry Reid has never bothered to deny that awful early story. Just as he's never denied any early involvement with left-wing South American political parties and an unsuccessful 1964 bid to become a Goldwater Girl.

Anyway, the Senate leader is now employing one of the oldest tricks in the political book, one that seems to have become a standard tactic for terrified Democrats this cycle. 

Reid told reporters the other day that Republican Mitt Romney, who's threatening the political futures of many comfy folks in Washington now, has not paid income taxes for the last decade. Reid repeated the charge of this felony on the Senate floor Thursday. The Romney camp vehemently denies it.

Now, Harry says he's in possession of this information because an old business crony of Romney's, whom Reid won't name, made that statement in a phone conversation that Reid won't document. In fact, Reid has no proof whatsoever that what the unidentified caller allegedly said in that unverified conversation containing the unsubstantiated claim has any merit at all.

Reid's father was so embarrassed about what his son would do someday that he killed himself at age 58.


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