Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mainstream News Media Politicizes Hurrican Isaac

As Isaac bore down on New Orleans, the administration's media toadies preferred to talk not about substantive issues, but on how the "shadow of Bush and Katrina" hung over the delayed GOP convention in Tampa.

Those in the press whose legs tingle at every administration utterance apparently share the view that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Isaac, barely making it as a hurricane, was seen as yet another chance to blame George W. Bush for something and resurrect media falsehoods about Hurricane Katrina, which hit New Orleans seven years ago.

The Republican National Convention was pushed back a day by Isaac's threat, and NBC's chief White House correspondent, Chuck Todd, accomplished an amazing feat by managing to insert not only Katrina but also the controversy over GOP Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin into his GOP convention coverage.
Of course, an honest news media might cast the shadow of Gustav over the Democrats


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