Friday, August 24, 2012

Obama Lies In New Campaign Ad

If you live in a swing state, your nation sends its apologies. Perhaps you can just break your television. No grown man or woman should be subjected to something like $1 billion in negative advertising, which is what you are about to face. For everyone else, here’s a sneak peak at what you will be missing, the latest attack ad from Barack Obama, which is centered on a clear untruth.

Here is the part that is false: “Romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion even in cases of rape or incest.” Romney has not backed a law like that.

His stated position since 2005, when he went from being a pro-choice politician to a pro-life politician, is that he supports an exemption for rape, incest and risk to the life of the mother. He said it here to the Des Moines Register in December of 2011, and here in the National Review in June of 2011. He said it all through the 2007 campaign. He even said it in 2005 in a Boston Globe Op-Ed announcing the end of his pro-choice approach to politics. “I believe that abortion is the wrong choice except in cases of incest, rape, and to save the life of the mother,” he wrote. Not much nuance there.
Not surprising that Obama wants to change the subject
Thirty-two years ago, Ronald Reagan asked voters a simple question that devastated Jimmy Carter’s chances for a second term, and that presidential candidates have had to answer ever since: Are you better off now than you were four years ago?  In 1980, voters overwhelmingly said no and gave Carter the heave-ho.  When times are good, incumbents ask that question, and when times are bad, challengers ask it.  It’s a personal question, one that has a different answer for each voter.

Overall, though, the Washington Post reports that the answer isn’t just no, but hell no.  Household incomes have dropped 4.8% during the Obama recovery, and are now at a level below the recession:


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