Monday, August 27, 2012

Outsourcing Critic Profits From Outsourcing

Of course, she's a Democrat.
Her family wealth comes from the Computer Task Group (CTG), a company that her father cofounded. CTG admitted as recently as last year to outsourcing jobs to Russia.

“In the past few years, more companies started using or are considering using low cost offshore outsourcing centers to perform technology-related work and complete projects,” the company stated in its last annual report to the SEC. “Currently, we have partnered with clients to perform services in Russia to mitigate and reduce this risk to our Company.”

CTG regularly does business with companies like the China Steel Corporation and the Chengdu Seamless Steel Tube Plant.

According to Hochul’s 2011 Financial Disclosure, Hochul also holds up to $45,000 in funds that invest in countries like Japan, China, South Korea and India.

Despite these ties, Hochul has attempted to make an issue of her opponent’s business background and has accused him of trying to “hide” his connection to businesses engaged in outsourcing.

Collins campaign aide Chris Grant said Hochul’s ties to outsourcing “highlights our opponent’s hypocrisy and just how weak her record is on job creation.”


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