Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan Recall Obama Promise: MSM Outraged

Obama promised to keep General Motors' Janesville, Wisconsin assembly plant open. He didn't. And Paul Ryan reminded America of that particular broken promise.
From their fainting couches, the press corps "fact checkers" and the liberals who love them are having a spell over Paul Ryan's Tampa convention speech. How dare he so much as mention the Wisconsin assembly plant that President Obama promised to keep open but didn't?

The claim is that there was nothing the White House could do, because the General Motors facility in Mr. Ryan's hometown of Janesville was already starting to idle production and slated for closure when Mr. Obama took office. Therefore the empty production lines are George W. Bush's fault, like everything else in the last four years.

But so what? Mr. Ryan made the factual statement that "we were about to lose a major factory" (our emphasis). Basic comprehension of human language didn't deter Obama campaign functionary Stephanie Cutter from claiming on MSNBC Thursday that "There's no delicate way to put this, but he lied. He blatantly lied—and brazenly."

Coming from a specialist in the form, perhaps that was meant as a compliment, but then again all this is an enormous exercise in missing the point. Mr. Ryan wasn't saying Mr. Obama should have saved this particular plant, as if it were akin to the sea levels that he promised to command in his inaugural address. Mr. Ryan was mocking the President who promised on the record and apparently believed he could save the plant.


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