Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Can The Smartest Man In The World Learn Anything?

We have it on the highest authority, Barack Obama himself, that he knows more about everything than anyone. His wife even chimes is, which is meaningful because I don't know any man whose wife will admit that her husband knows anything, let alone everything. So has he learned anything in four years?
In the 2008 primaries, Obama and Clinton had an intense argument over the nature of the presidency. Clinton argued that real change came when skillful politicians moved the machinery of Washington toward progressive ends. The president was a "chief executive officer" who is "able to manage and run the bureaucracy," she explained.

No, no, replied Obama. The presidency "involves having a vision for where the country needs to go ... and then being able to mobilize and inspire the American people to get behind that agenda for change."

So, after four years on the job, Obama has learned that he was right all along! How humble.


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