Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Eric Holder Comes Up Empty

He did his best to persecute the CIA and embarrass the Bush Administration. He hired a pit bull and the pit bull found no harm, no foul.
You have to marvel at the gritted teeth through which those words somehow passed. It had been Mr. Holder, after all, who decided to expand Mr. Durham's inquiry despite the prior conclusions of Justice Department officials that it wasn't warranted. He did so, also, over the tacit objections of the White House and the vocal objections of seven CIA directors, including then-director Leon Panetta. 

In other words, this was an ideological vendetta that Mr. Holder pursued right to the end. No wonder he announced the decision on the last day of the GOP convention and the eve of Labor Day weekend. No wonder he also went out of his way to say Mr. Durham's conclusion "does not resolve broader questions regarding the propriety of the examined conduct." 

To the army of the obsessed who take it as a given that the Bush administration operated a vast torture archipelago, all this amounts to a giant government whitewash, bordering almost on conspiracy. If that's true, it must rank as the most politically incompetent and ideologically bizarre whitewash in history. Who knew Team Obama was shilling for Dick Cheney? And what about Mr. Durham: Was he part of the whitewash, too?

So far I haven't seen anyone make that accusation, probably because it just won't wash. Instead, the prosecutor's final determination is being treated as a legal technicality, not determinative of probable guilt or innocence. To the true believers, the Bush administration isn't even guilty till proven innocent. It's simply guilty. Think of Casey Anthony in a trench coat.


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