Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mitt Romney Outed By The Milkman

Here's another story that you won't find about Barack Hussein Obama.
Mitt Romney’s secret is out, thanks to a milkman in Boston. When the now Republican presidential candidate toured a Veterans Administration hospital while in a political race against Ted Kennedy, he discovered an awful truth: The facility could not afford enough dairy products for the sick soldiers. After reviewing the medical center’s books and noting that the facility appears to be run well, he asked what they needed help with or might be lacking. The quickly uttered response consisted of one simple word: milk.

The GOP candidate made the now infamous joke about learning how to milk a cow. The day after the complex tour when all of the media cameras were gone, the Republican candidate called the VA hospital to apologize for his remark. Sadly, the medical care center tasked with treating the men and women who once put their lives on the line for our country could not afford enough of the healthy drink and cooking staple to fulfill the needs of the patients, GlennBeck.Com reports.

When Friday rolled around, so did the local milkman and 7 thousand pints of the dairy product. The delivery guy kept his word to Mitt Romney and refused to reveal the name of the anonymous donor to VA officials. Two years later and just days from retirement, the delivery man finally shared his secret with hospital staffers.
The only way that Obama would ever do something like this would be with donor's money (not his own) and only with cameras rolling.


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