Saturday, September 22, 2012

Muslim Conflagration An Inevitable Consequence Of Obama's Policy

Now we know where that empty chair that Clint Eastwood debated during his speech at the Republican National Convention came from. It’s the chair that’s reserved for Barack Obama at the daily National Security Briefings. It was available because, more often than not, Obama doesn’t use it.

In fact, Obama had not attended a single National Security Briefing for more than a week leading up to the September 11th sacking of US embassies in the Middle East and the murder of our ambassador to Libya, along with three others.

This is telling because, for the past 10 years, security conscious American presidents instinctively grasped the attraction that day on the calendar holds for terrorists. We have always heightened our alert status as that date approached.

But Obama was so preoccupied with more important business, such as fundraising, that he couldn’t be bothered with this year’s anniversary. Obama’s first tweet of the day that morning was a plea for cash. Romney’s was a memorial to the dead.

So when the world came crashing down, Obama needed a scapegoat. Some guy with a Youtube account got honors this time.

The US embassy in Cairo was still smoldering when the staff blamed a video. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the same claim within minutes. And ever since, UN Secretary Susan Rice has repeated the official line to every microphone she can find.

Even the Department of Justice got involved. The Attorney General of the United States mobilized the vast investigative resources at his disposal, tracked down the video maker and identified him publicly. He even had an army of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies pounding on the man’s door in the middle of the night to arrest him.

What? You thought that we had freedom of expression in this country? That’s been supplanted by Sharia law. Haven’t you heard?

The Los Angeles Times even published directions to the man’s house.

Eric Holder and the mainstream news media might as well have taped a hand-lettered “behead me” sign on the man’s back.

The one narrative that cannot be allowed to gain traction is that Obama’s apologetic foreign policy, especially where Muslims are involved, went up in flames with the embassies.

After all, it was Barack Obama who, shortly after his inauguration, addressed the Muslim world from Cairo and apologized to Muslims everywhere for the misguided foreign policy of his predecessors. It was Barack Hussein Obama who, early in his presidential campaign, told an NPR interviewer that America’s relations with the Muslim world would be immediately healed at the moment of his inauguration.

So far, I’d have to say that he has made just as much progress on that promise as he has on his pledge to lower the sea level.

But if you insist upon blaming a Youtube video for a coordinated, heavily armed assault on our Libyan embassy, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

The crude and oafish Bill Maher is one of Obama’s biggest individual donors. Earlier this year, he donated a million dollars to Obama’s Super Pac. In 2008 Bill Maher wrote and starred in the movie “Religulous.” Religulous was a “mockumentary” that ridiculed Islam, Christianity, Judaism and every other significant faith.

Surely you remember all the violent embassy attacks that followed that movie’s release. Neither do I.

President Obama asked Youtube to take the video down. Surely you recall Obama asking Lion’s Gate Studios to recall Bill Maher’s video from circulation. Neither do I.

And since Obama’s so worried about inflaming Muslim passions, you should surely remember Obama asking Sony Pictures to halt production of “Zero Dark Thirty,” the movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Neither do I.

In fact, as I recall, Barack Hussein Obama cooperated with the production of that movie because he saw it as a potential October Surprise that would make him out as some sort of National Security super hero. Obama was so eager to see this movie made in time for the election that he gave the director unprecedented access to operational details that compromised national security secrets. According to the Navy SEALS, disclosures such as that endanger their lives.

It’s worth noting that Sony Pictures hosted a fundraiser for Obama last year. His two days of schmoozing with Southern California’s glitterati racked in $4 million.

And no, I don’t know how many National Security Briefings he skipped during that trip.

Update: Since the column was submitted Thursday evening, new shit has come to light. 

According to Obama, the murders in Benghazi were the result of a protest against a Youtube video that got out of control. According to CBS and everybody else, that was a lie. There was no protest. It was a coordinated terrorist assault from the beginning. Obama lied.

The Obama regime claimed that Ambassador Stevens was provided with security. That too was a lie.

The Obama regime has claimed that there was no warning of an impending attack. That was a lie.


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