Thursday, October 25, 2012

Barack Obama Rebuilt Mullah Omar's Mosque

From the department of appeasement.
It may interest Americans to know that in 2011, American time, effort and resources were spent (not invested) refurbishing Mullah Omar’s Mosque in this same battle space that is covered by the Dustoff helicopters at Pasab.

The mosque is in a village called Sangsar.  Sangsar Village is the very bellybutton of the Taliban.  Ground Zero.  This is it.  The birthplace of the latest Mad Mullah war.  And we refurbished Mullah Omar’s mosque there in 2011.  This would be like building a memorial for Osama bin Laden at Abbottabad.

Some folks may have forgotten who Mullah Omar is.  After all, the war is into its 12th year with no end visible.  Mullah Omar is the top Taliban leader, who welcomed Osama bin Laden into Afghanistan.  By refurbishing his mosque, we pretend that we have a role to play in Mullah Omar’s home village, and that we are winning friends and influencing people.


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