Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just In Case You've Forgotten What An Asshole Alan Grayson Is

He spends an evening reminding you.
“Rape jokes are great because they make a comedian seem very edgy and very dangerous,” she said.

Plus, she added, “who’s going to complain?”

Silverman joked that rape victims are “traditionally not complainers” and the worst that could happen is ”after a show a woman might come up to you and say, ‘Look, I’m a victim of rape … and I thought that joke was insensitive and inappropriate and totally my fault.’”

Moving away from rape jokes, Silverman told the crowd of just under 100 that they must remember that both conservatives and liberals want the best for the country, even if liberals are more “open-minded” and conservatives are “less open-minded” and ” a little more “faggot-ish.”


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