Thursday, October 18, 2012

Liberal Rag Will No Longer Pollute Magazine Racks

Newsweek plans to end its print publication after 80 years and will shift to an all-digital format aimed at online users starting in early 2013. Job cuts are expected.

Newsweek's last U.S. print edition will be its Dec. 31 issue.

With more and more consumers on the go and using their cell phones and tablets to receive the news, media organizations have had to increasingly shift more of their emphasis online.
The decline of Newsweak and the mainstream media in general is probably best exemplified by the Paula Jones and Whitewater scandals that Newsweak tried to spike. Someone inside Newsweak placed a higher value on news than on protecting Clinton and fed the information to Matt Drudge.

The new media filled the gaps that the old media refused to cover.


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