Thursday, October 04, 2012

Obama Defeat Leaves Liberals In Tears

Perhaps the first time that many of them appreciated how bad a president Obama has been.
Slaughter. It was a slaughter.

Mitt Romney put on the most commanding presidential debate performance of the insta-commentary era. One could literally watch, on Facebook and Twitter, hundreds of people on both sides of the political divide react in real time as the debate went on.

Their reactions were identical, though their moods were not: As Romney dominated exchange after exchange with a surprisingly effective combination of pointed personal touches and remarkable factual preparation, conservatives and Republicans grew more and more jubilant while liberals and Democrats grew more and more alarmed.
The conservative response could be boiled down to: “Who is this guy? Where have they been hiding him?”

Meanwhile, the president was so off his game that he failed even to create an “aww” moment at the very start, when he noted that last night was his 20th wedding anniversary.

And he went downhill from there.


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