Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Obama Plans To Slash Medicare

Take a pain pill, Part II.

BOB WOODWARD: He is tuned in to his own ambivalence, and in the reporting on this, it's very clear he realizes we face a problem that is not going to go away, that he's got to address. And there are documents that are floating around that I got and notes of meetings, and you see. For instance, on Medicare, he's now campaigning on “We're not going to cut Medicare.” And there are documents where last year he was saying, “Oh, yeah, we have to cut it $250 billion over ten years.”

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Wait. So you've got a document where Barack Obama is saying we've got to cut Medicare $250 billion, which I think is responsible. But his campaign team is going out there every day saying, “Watch out. We're not going to cut Medicare, but Mitt Romney is.”

WOODWARD: Yeah, and, I mean, it's not just his campaign team. It's the president himself. He says, “We're going to reform and strengthen Medicare for the long haul the right way by reducing the cost of health care - everyone would agree with that - not by shifting it onto seniors.” Well, in his own documents, he says, “We have to do this.” When I talked to him, he realized and said very openly that it's irresponsible to not address this.

SCARBOROUGH: Let's play a clip that you were alluding to. Go ahead and roll it.


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