Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Life Among The Barbarians

Muslims unleashed - a human rights catastrophe.
"They committed horrific abuses," said Cilina Nasser, of Amnesty International. "They set up courts, their own courts and claimed to apply Islamic law."

One man, accused of spying for the U.S., was killed and then had his remains crucified. A video obtained by the rights group shows the rotting body, which had been left out in the open for days -- a warning to anyone who might consider doing the same.

In another video, a prisoner, bound and blindfolded, is led to a public square. The man, convicted of spying on al-Qaeda for Saudi Arabia, is then readied for execution.
For the U.S. and Yemen, who for years have been attempting to vanquish a resurgent and emboldened al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the news couldn't have been more dire.

"As the United States and as Saudi Arabia have been very, very concerned about al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula being able to sort of plot, plan and launch attacks from their hideouts in Yemen, the Saudis and Americans have worked together to create these undercover agents," Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert who has written a book on the nation.

But the militants were not only going after alleged spies.

According to Amnesty International, one woman was beheaded for the crime of sorcery. In an extremely disturbing video, her severed head can be seen as it is paraded through the streets.
And one young man, accused of theft, had his hand publicly amputated.

"They detained me in a room for five days," the young man later told the rights group. "They kept beating me hard ... After five days, they gave me an injection and I slept ...When I woke up my hand was not there."

A chilling video shows him lying unconscious -- his left arm stretched out as one man begins cutting through the wrist. Once done, a spectator takes the severed hand and raises it for the gathered crowd to see. Cries of "God is great" can then be heard.
Savages.  Why would we appease these monsters? Thank you Barack Hussein Obama for handing Egypt over to these pigs.


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