Monday, December 31, 2012

Hillary's Blood Clot Tale Doesn't Add Up

According to NBC's science reporter, blood clots caused by head trauma aren't treated with blood thinners. Hillary's story stands up to scrutiny just as well as her cattle futures lie or her tall tale about being named for Sir Edmund Hilary.
“All we have is a statement from her office. The hospital isn’t saying anything and the statement from her [office] says that she had this blood clot that stemmed from the concussion and she’s being treated with blood-thinning drugs,” Bazell continued. “The problem is that usually when blood clots come from concussions, they can’t be treated with blood [thinners.] So either it’s not really related to the concussion and she’s got a blood clot in her leg or something, or there’s something else going on that we’re not being told. And right now, we’re just sort of seeking that clarification and hoping for the best as she’s being observed.”
Oh, and let's not forget the saga of the Rose Law Firm billing records. What we have here is a woman with a long, long record of documented dishonesty.

In 2008, Dick Morris provided this list of Hillary Clinton's documented lies.

Hillary simply cannot tell the truth. Here's her scorecard:
Admitted Lies• Chelsea was jogging around the Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. (She was in bed watching it on TV.)
• Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary. (She admitted she was wrong. He climbed Mt. Everest five years after her birth.)
• She was under sniper fire in Bosnia. (A girl presented her with flowers at the foot of the ramp.)
• She learned in The Wall Street Journal how to make a killing in the futures market. (It didn't cover the market back then.)
Whoppers She Won't Confess To• She didn't know about the FALN pardons.
• She didn't know that her brothers were being paid to get pardons that Clinton granted.
• Taking the White House gifts was a clerical error.
• She didn't know that her staff would fire the travel office staff after she told them to do so.
• She didn't know that the Peter Paul fundraiser in Hollywood in 2000 cost $700,000 more than she reported it had.
• She opposed NAFTA at the time.
• She was instrumental in the Irish peace process.
• She urged Bill to intervene in Rwanda.
• She played a role in the '90s economic recovery.
• The billing records showed up on their own.
• She thought Bill was innocent when the Monica scandal broke.
• She was always a Yankees fan.
• She had nothing to do with the New Square Hasidic pardons (after they voted for her 1,400-12 and she attended a meeting at the White House about the pardons).
• She negotiated for the release of refugees in Macedonia (who were released the day before she got there).

Russia's Modernized Missile Submarine Launches

So, how's that reset thing working out?
Super-modern, powerful and almost noiseless Russian nuclear submarine Vladimir Monomakh has been put in water to become the third ship of the Borei project. The cruiser is about to begin sea trials and mooring to become fully operational in 2013.

Vladimir Monomakh was laid down at Russia’s largest shipbuilding complex Sevmash, located on the shores of the White Sea in the town of Severodvinsk in northern Russia on March 19, 2006 – the 100th anniversary of the Russian submarine fleet.

It belongs to a class of missile strategic submarine cruisers with a new generation of nuclear reactor, which allows the submarine to dive to a depth of 480 meters. It can spend up to three months in autonomous navigation and, thanks to the latest achievements in the reduction of noise, it is almost silent compared to previous generations of submarines.

The submarine is armed with the new missile system, which has from 16 to 20 solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles Bulava (SS-NX-30 by NATO classification). The rocket is able to overcome any prospective missile defense system.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Racism At The Boston Globe

In a review of Quentin Tarantino's "Django Unchained," the Boston Globe calls Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes and Michael Steele "house negroes."
Samuel L. Jackson plays crusty, waxen Stephen as a vision of depraved loyalty and bombastic jive that cuts right past the obvious association with Uncle Tom. The movie is too modern for what Jackson is doing to be limited to 1853. He’s conjuring the house Negro, yes, but playing him as though he were Clarence Thomas or Alan Keyes or Herman Cain or Michael Steele, men whom some black people find embarrassing.

Harry Reid Refuses To Make Counteroffer

How will the press manage to make this look like the Republicans' fault?
SEN. HARRY REID (D-NEVADA): "We have been negotiating now for 36 hours or thereabouts. We did have conversations last night that ended late in the evening between staffs. This morning, we have been trying to come up with some counteroffer to my friend's proposal. We have been unable to do that.  
"I have had a number of conversations with the president, and at this stage we're not able to make a counteroffer. The Republican leader has told me that -- and he's just said here -- that he's working with the vice president, and he and the vice president, I wish them well. 
"In the meantime, I will continue to try to come up with something. But at this stage, I don't have a counteroffer to make. Perhaps as the day wears on, I will be able to. I will say this, I think that the Republican leader has shown absolutely good faith. It's just that we are apart on some pretty big issues."

David Gregory Rolls Over For Obama

Good lap doggy!

[W]hen Obama mentioned Lincoln, Gregory twinkled as he said: “Is this your Lincoln moment?” He was no Stephen Douglas. 
The interview didn’t pop. It didn’t make any news. That was mainly Obama’s fault, thanks to his long monologues that were allowed to proceed uninterrupted. But Gregory could have showed a little more of the passion he displayed last Sunday.

British Healthcare More Deadly Than US Guns

The largest and most detailed survey into hospital deaths has revealed that almost 12,000 patients are needlessly dying every year as a result of poor patient care.

The researchers from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine based the study on 1,000 deaths at 10 NHS trusts during 2009. The study revealed that basic errors were made in more than one in 10 cases, leading to 5.2% of deaths, which was the equivalent of nearly 12,000 preventable deaths in hospitals in England every year.

The research published in the British Medical Journal's Quality and Safety publication found that errors occurred when hospital staff made an incorrect diagnosis, prescribed the wrong drugs, failed to monitor a patient's condition or react when a patient deteriorated. Errors in omission were more frequent than active mistakes.

The majority of patients who died were elderly suffering with multiple health conditions, but the study found that some patients whose deaths were preventable were aged in their 30s and 40s.

Egypt To Form Alliance With Hezbollah

Arab Spring!

In a dramatic policy shift, Egypt will seek to forge “tight” relations with Hezbollah, Egyptian Ambassador to Lebanon Ashraf Hamdy revealed in a candid interview published on Saturday in the Beirut-based Daily Star. 
“You cannot discuss politics in Lebanon without having a relationship with Hezbollah,” Hamdy was quoting as saying, before describing the terrorist group as a “real force on the ground” with “big political and military influence.” 
Hamdy announced that Muslim-Brotherhood- dominated Egypt would begin “stretching [its] handout in the proper, balanced way to all regional powers,” including Hezbollah, to forge “tight” contacts with Lebanon’s rulers.

Facebook Free Speech Suppression

Your are free to agree with the Facebook censors.

Facebook is purging accounts that carry pro-second amendment and pro-liberty information in a censorship purge that has accelerated over the past few hours, with innumerable pages being disappeared merely for posting legitimate political content.’s Mike Adams contacted us to alert us to the fact that “Facebook banned our account for posting this,” with an attached image of a Gandhi quote about how the British disarmed the citizenry during their rule in India.

The following is a list of Facebook accounts operated by individuals in the alternative media that have been shut down by Facebook staff over the past 24 hours. Infowars writer Aaron Dykes and political dissident Brandon J. Raub have also had their accounts deleted. Raub was snatched by police and forcibly imprisoned in a psychiatric ward earlier this year for posting political content on Facebook. Infowars editor Kurt Nimmo also had his account suspended this morning.
Kurt Nimmo (account suspended)
Aaron Dykes (account inactive)
Amber Lyon (account suspended)
Brandon J. Raub (account inactive)
Michael F Rivero (account inactive)
Anthony J Hilder (account inactive)
William Lewis (account inactive)
Richard Gage (account inactive)
William Rodriguez (account inactive)
Infowar Artist (account inactive)
We are Change (account inactive)
Wacboston At Twitter (account inactive)
Michael Murphy Tmp (account inactive)
Robert M Bowman (account inactive)
Peter Dale Scott (account inactive)
Jason Infowars (account inactive)
Mike Skuthan (account inactive)
Packy Savvenas (account inactive)
Sean Wright (account inactive)
Katherine Albrect (account inactive)
It is important to stress that most of these accounts have not simply been temporarily suspended, they have been shut down completely. Some are now being reinstated after complaints. Accounts that have been suspended can still be seen but posting rights have been revoked.

The Incivility Of Democrats

Exhibit one - Steny Hoyer.

“It’s somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, ‘I’m going to shoot my child if you don’t do what I want done.’ You don’t want to shoot your child. There’s no Republican leader that wants to default on our debt, that I’ve talked to,” Hoyer said at a Capitol Hill press conference. 
Hoyer’s comments came in response to a question about the Treasury Department’s notice that the nation was approaching its debt limit. He criticized Republicans for previous resistance to raising the debt ceiling and used the gun analogy to argue that the issue should not be part of the negotiations involving the fiscal cliff.
What an asshole! 

Piers Morgan Threatens To Leave The US

I can spare those Americans who want me deported a lot of effort by saying this: If you don’t change your gun laws to at least try to stop this relentless tidal wave of murderous carnage, then you don’t have to worry about deporting me. 
Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first – and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years’ time – seriously consider deporting myself.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Never Let A Tragedy Go To Waste

Americans have grown so accustomed to the Democrats’ political strategy of cynically exploiting every tragedy that the Newtown, Connecticut mass murder barely moved the needle in their direction when they trotted out their latest gun control proposals. A CBS News poll found that only 26% of Americans believed that stricter gun control would prevent a similar tragedy. This is probably just about the fraction who believed that nonsense before Sandy Hook. A Gallup poll taken four days after the tragedy found that most Americans saw little benefit in an assault weapon ban. Americans ranked school security, improved mental health services and a moderation of Hollywood’s glorification of violence as more likely to succeed.

The tears were still flowing when the Democrats reached into their wish list file cabinet and started pulling out their favorite assaults on liberties. And private gun ownership is always one of their favorite targets. 

But the Second Amendment is not the left’s only target. Other than flag burning and pornography, the Democratic Party has never had much use for the First Amendment. 

Senator John Rockefeller has his sights set on violent video games and proposed a bill that would direct the National Academy of Sciences to study how video game violence translates into real violence. He and Joseph Lieberman also blamed movie and television violence for encouraging real violence.

The entertainment industry knew immediately that it would join gun owners in the crosshairs. Hollywood understands that its glorification of violence almost certainly contributes to violence in our culture. In a meaningless gesture, Hollywood delayed the release of its usual holiday season flood of violent films. And of course, they tried to divert attention from themselves and toward law-abiding gun owners.

Obama‘s eagerness to squeeze ever last drop of opportunity from tragedy even led him to exploit the Sandy Hook killings to advance his tax raising agenda: “After what we’ve gone through over the past several months, a devastating hurricane and now one of the worse tragedies in our memory, the country deserves the folks to be willing to compromise for the greater good.”

In Obama-speak, “compromise” means unconditional surrender by the opposition.

There really is no depth to which the left will not sink to advance its agenda. During the Nazi blitz of London in the summer of 1941, Britain’s communists tried to use the bombing to foment a revolution against the British government.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

The National Rifle Association’s executive director Wayne LaPierre enraged the mainstream news media and the Democratic Party with his entirely sensible proposal that public schools could be made safer with armed security.

When he made the proposal on NBC’s Meet the Press, host David Gregory mocked the idea: "You proposed armed guards in school. We'll talk about that in some detail in a moment. You confronted the news media. You blamed Hollywood and the gaming industry. But never once did you concede that guns could actually be part of the problem. Is that a meaningful contribution, Mr. LaPierre, or a dodge?," challenged Gregory.

Posting armed guards in schools is an idea so ridiculous that Bill Clinton proposed it in 2000. It’s an idea so ridiculous that, according to the New York Times, one third of all US public schools already employ armed security. 

I know my own high school had armed security more than four decades ago.

And it’s an idea so ridiculous that David Gregory sends his own children to a private school that has armed security, rather than to District of Columbia public schools that have no such security.

In truth, it is liberalism that gives us these mass killings, not the NRA. Liberals think that schools and movie theaters can be made safe by posting signs proclaiming gun free zones. In the last year, sixty school-age children have been killed in the gun-free zone known as Chicago. 

And the frequency of mass killings jumped dramatically after liberals made involuntary commitment of the mentally ill nearly impossible.

It’s worth noting that the news media themselves reward each mass murderer with a notoriety that encourages the next. Behavioral scientist Loren Coleman has written a book on the subject called “The Copycat Effect.”

And is it just me, or is there something jarring about receiving lectures on the evils of privately owned firearms from an administration that smuggled thousands of guns that it now wishes to ban to violent Mexican drug cartels?

A Grim Milestone

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says the city has logged its 500th homicide of the year. 
McCarthy issued a statement Friday calling the milestone a "tragic number that is reflective of the gang violence and proliferation of illegal guns that have plagued some of our neighborhoods."
The police department went back and forth Friday, first verifying the 500th killing, then backing off and saying an earlier death was still being investigate. 
By late Friday, police confirmed 40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson had become the 500th homicide victim when he was fatally shot in the head outside a convenience store on the city's West Side.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas From The Religion Of Peace

Six dead.
Gunmen killed six people attending midnight mass at a church in northern Nigeria on Christmas Eve, police and residents confirmed on Tuesday. 
“A group of gunmen came into the village at midnight and went straight to the church... they opened fire on them, killing the pastor and five worshippers. They then set fire to the church," said Usman Mansir, resident of Peri village, near Potiskum, the economic capital of Yobe state. 
Mansir specified that a branch of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) was the congregation that was targeted. 
A senior police official in Yobe confirmed the details to AFP, but declined to be named.
Boko Haram Islamists have carried out several attacks in Yobe, which borders the state of Maiduguri, where the insurgent group is based.

Jamie Foxx's Politically Correct Racism

It's okay to hate white people.

Is Jamie Foxx a racist? The actor recently hosted “Saturday Night Live,” delivering a rant that was supposed to be funny. It wasn’t. In fact, had a white person delivered the same monologue but simply exchanged the word “white” for “black,” his career would be over. The hypocrisy and double standard are egregious. They must stop. Black bigotry should no longer be condoned, let alone celebrated. 
Mr. Foxx joked about his new film, “Django Unchained,” saying, “I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?” He went on to brag “how black” it is to butcher whites. 
It did not end there. Mr. Foxx espoused a crude racial nationalism, celebrating President Obama’s “blackness.” For the actor, Mr. Obama is defined by one overriding characteristic: the color of his skin. 
“But I’m going to tell you right now, speaking of blackness, my president, President Obama, is back up in the White House four more years. How black is that?” Mr. Foxx said. “And not only that, he’s so black, he was playing basketball during the Election Day. How black is that? But he was also late for his acceptance speech. OK, all the white people, this is your turn — how black is that?” 
His rant was riddled with condescending stereotypes.Had any white comedian said such things, there would have been a national uproar. The Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the entire “civil rights” community would have demanded an apology not just from the actor but from “Saturday Night Live” as well. Instead, they have remained silent. The reason: racial tribalism. In multicultural America, only blacks can say offensive things about other blacks. The same applies to other groups with official “victim” status — Hispanics, homosexuals, lesbians and Asians. The result is a gradual Balkanization whereby our culture is being fractured along ethnic lines.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Islamist Destroy Timbuktu's Ancient Mausoleums

Still think that there's no difference between Muslims and Christians?

"Not a single mausoleum will remain in Timbuktu," Abou Dardar, a leader of the Islamist group Ansar Dine, told AFP news agency. 
Islamists in control of northern Mali began earlier this year to pull down shrines that they consider idolatrous. 
Tourist official Sane Chirfi said four mausoleums had been razed on Sunday. 
One resident told AFP that the Islamists were destroying the shrines with pickaxes.Treasures of TimbuktuTimbuktu was a centre of Islamic learning from the 13th to the 17th centuries.

What the world lost:  
  • 700,000 manuscripts survive in public libraries and private collections
  • Books on religion, law, literature and science
  • Letters between rulers, officials and merchants on issues such as taxes, trade, marriage and prostitution
  • Added to Unesco world heritage list in 1988 for its three mosques and 16 cemeteries and mausoleums
  • They played a major role in spreading Islam in West Africa; the oldest dates from 1329
Timbuktu was a centre of Islamic learning from the 13th to the 17th centuries.
It is a UN World Heritage site with centuries-old shrines to Islamic saints that are revered by Sufi Muslims.
The Salafists of Ansar Dine condemn the veneration of saints. 
"Allah doesn't like it," said Abou Dardar. "We are in the process of smashing all the hidden mausoleums in the area."

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Big Obama Is Listening

Clearly, privacy advocates are more concerned about who is invading our privacy, and not the concept of privacy invasion itself. In just the last few days, I have come across several examples of the federal government delving ever deeper into our private lives, and all the indignant voices we heard during the Bush years have kept strangely silent.

For example, Big Brother wants every car to have data collection devices that he can access whenever he wishes.

As I recall, it was only four years ago that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski proposed the idea of installing a global positioning system tracking device on every automobile operating within his state. No, he wasn’t acting as some benevolent government leader seeking to help his constituents navigate their way home. He wanted to collect a record of your driving history.

The supposed justification for his Big Brotheresque intrusion was to satiate one the Democrat Party’s two most irresistible urges, tax collection.

Oregon was unhappy that modern, more efficient cars were reducing gasoline tax collection. Historically, such taxes are collected according to the volume of gasoline consumed. But a car that gets 30 miles per gallon pays half the gas taxes per mile compared with a 15 mpg automobile. The law of unintended consequences is now giving Democrats a case of tyrant’s remorse.

So now they want you to pay by the mile. And what better way to achieve that than to install a GPS in your car that will record every mile you travel. And everywhere you go. And how fast you travel. And, just about anything else about your driving habits.

Soon after Kulongoski floated his idea in Oregon, one of his allies in the United States House of Representatives introduced a federal law to inflict Kulongoski’s revenge nationwide.

Now the Obama administration wants in on the act. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to mine data from all cars on the road. Automobile manufacturers have been installing data collectors in cars for years. These sensors are typically used by manufacturers to assist them in improving automobile safety, but governments have been known to seize the data when it suits them.

One famous example involved former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine. Police determined from the data recorder installed on his Suburban that he was travelling 91 mph when he rolled it.

And while a good case could be made for acquisition of the data as part of a criminal investigation, NHTSA just wants to keep an eye on us.

It wouldn’t be at all out of character for this regime. In fact, you are being surveilled to a degree that you probably cannot even imagine.

I find it remarkable that the very same people who howled in rage over the Patriot Act are so indifferent to Obama’s intrusions.

A few years ago, the New York Times revealed that the Bush Administration was using warrantless wiretaps to secretly record telephone conversations involving known terrorists. Whenever a telephone call was made to or from a known terrorist overseas and someone here in the United States, we listened in, seeking to learn what sort of mischief was afoot. Elite opinion howled with outrage and accused Bush of listening in on all conversations. We were on a slippery slope toward having George Bush listen to all of our conversations.

As it turns out, you don’t even have to use a phone or call anyone nefarious to attract the Obama Administration’s attention. The Department of Homeland Security has initiated a program of recording conversations between ordinary citizens using public transportation. Homeland Security has awarded grants to a number of cities so that they may install listening devices that can record, isolate and transmit conversations overheard on those buses.

If you ride a bus in a number of “progressive cities,” Obama is listening in.

And, according to the Wall Street Journal, plans are being made to accumulate and centralize all manner of data on you for future use. Here are some examples of the seemingly innocuous data that the government already keeps on you: If you have flown in the last five years, worked in a casino, or hosted a foreign exchange student, the National Counterterrorism center has the records. Any transaction that comes to the attention of the federal government is now being fed into computer databases looking for suspicious patterns of behavior.

Big Brother was an amateur compared to Big Obama.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 1/2 Months After Nuclear Break In, The Fence Still Isn't Fixed

You'll be pleased to learn that there's still a hole in the fence at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant. Yes, that's right. All that stands between the terrorists and our nukes is a zip tie.

Four and a half months after Plowshares protesters broke into the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, it appears that government contractors have yet to repair the fence where the initial entry took place. 
Earlier today, the News Sentinel visited the plant's perimeter fence line on Pine Ridge and photographed a section where the chain-link fence apparently had been cut -- about 4 1/2 feet vertically. There also was what may be telltale evidence -- a white plastic tie and a piece of string -- of the protesters' handiwork.

How Bad Was Media Reporting At Sandy Hook?

Even worse than usual.

No, Nancy Lanza did not teach kindergarten at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and eight other major flubs.

Chuck Hagel: Antisemite And Mullah Suck Up

No wonder Obama wanted him as Sec Def.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Other Than That, The Story Was Accurate

The Newtown, Connecticut gunman was not Ryan Lanza, but his brother, Adam.

The Newtown, Connecticut gunman did not use an "assault rifle."

The Newtown, Connecticut gunman's mother did not work that the school.

lt's a good thing that we have the mainstream news media, with its layers of editors and fact checkers making certain that they get everything right.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Obama Marijuana Waivers?

As of this past Thursday, the state of Washington has been openly flouting federal law, and the federal government doesn’t seem very interested. In fact, Washington has been ignoring federal law ever since the votes were counted after the November 6th general election as district attorneys around the state have been dismissing misdemeanor marijuana charges. Anyone busted with bud in the last few months is free to go about his business. This places Washington in direct defiance of federal law. Washington’s governor, Christine Gregoire, asked the United States Justice Department for guidance on how to proceed and heard nothing in return.

Colorado has a similar problem. In that same election, Colorado’s citizens also voted to legalize marijuana. Governor John Hickenlooper went directly to the top looking for help. But as of early this week, Attorney General Eric Holder has yet to accept or return the Colorado governor’s phone calls.

The obvious problem for the Obama regime is that enforcing the law would place them in direct conflict with a core constituency – the pot head slacker demographic. In the past, the Obama regime has simply solved similar conflicts by simply declining to enforce laws that discomfort political allies.

And so, one highly probable outcome is that Obama will bestow upon Washington and Colorado a waiver from federal law. Since his inauguration in 2009, Obama has remade the executive branch into a Chicago-style protection racket. If you are a friend of his political ambitions, then you are eligible to earn a waiver from laws you’d rather not obey.

He has granted labor unions and other allies exemptions to Obamacare. He has issued waivers to federal education laws that hold teachers accountable for the quality of their work. And because welfare recipients comprise another of his most reliable voting blocs, Obama has issued a waiver from the work requirements in the 1996 welfare reform act.

But although his motives in this case will likely be less than honorable, taking a step back from the war on drugs would be a very good idea.

In the first place, it’s not entirely clear where the federal government derives its authority to outlaw marijuana. For much of the nineteenth century and for the first couple of decades of the twentieth century, Michael Bloomberg-like busybodies pushed an anti-alcohol agenda upon the United States. The culmination of the temperance movement was ultimately known as Prohibition.

The prohibitionists had their early success at the state level and had plenty of allies in Congress, but nowhere in the United States Constitution could anyone find the authority to abolish alcohol nationwide. In those days, people actually honored the Constitution.

And so, Prohibition was imposed by amending the Constitution. Section 1 of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution reads: “After one year from the ratification of this article the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors within, the importation thereof into, or the exportation thereof from the United States and all territory subject to the jurisdiction thereof for beverage purposes is hereby prohibited.”

After 13 years, America decided that Prohibition was a mistake and the Constitution was amended again to undo the error.

Will somebody please point out to me the Constitutional amendment that empowered the federal government to outlaw marijuana? You can’t find it, because it isn’t there. Politicians and federal judges since the reign of Franklin Roosevelt have made it their life’s work to undermine the Constitution and federal anti-marijuana laws are an outstanding and destructive example.

Wars have often been used to justify Constitutional abuse and the so-called “war on drugs” is no different. And this war has a body count that far exceeds that of our more recent real wars. I read the other day that the war on drugs has resulted in over 100,000 deaths as drug cartels battle for a share of the United States’ $60 billion annual drug habit.

Marijuana prohibition has done nothing to combat this bloodbath. Instead, it encourages it. No one profits more from the war on drugs than those the war is supposedly waged against.

Drug cartels would be out of business if drugs were decriminalized. It’s much like the argument against gun control. When drugs are criminalized, only criminals deal in drugs.

As an aside, it’s worth noting that Arizona was condemned and sued by the Obama regime for enforcing federal law. Washington and Colorado are unlikely to suffer any consequences for violating federal law.

Obama Armed Al Qaida

Fast and Furious, part deaux?
The United States, which had only small numbers of C.I.A. officers in Libya during the tumult of the rebellion, provided little oversight of the arms shipments. Within weeks of endorsing Qatar’s plan to send weapons there in spring 2011, the White House began receiving reports that they were going to Islamic militant groups. They were “more antidemocratic, more hard-line, closer to an extreme version of Islam” than the main rebel alliance in Libya, said a former Defense Department official. 

The Qatari assistance to fighters viewed as hostile by the United States demonstrates the Obama administration’s continuing struggles in dealing with the Arab Spring uprisings, as it tries to support popular protest movements while avoiding American military entanglements. Relying on surrogates allows the United States to keep its fingerprints off operations, but also means they may play out in ways that conflict with American interests. 

“To do this right, you have to have on-the-ground intelligence and you have to have experience,” said Vali Nasr, a former State Department adviser who is now dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, part of Johns Hopkins University. “If you rely on a country that doesn’t have those things, you are really flying blind. When you have an intermediary, you are going to lose control.”

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

So, How Is Democrat-Style Gun Control Working Out In The Worker's Paradise?

About as well as expected.

At least 11 people were shot and wounded across Chicago overnight, including five people in front of a currency exchange and an off-duty Cook County corrections officer on his way home from work, officials said.

The officer, a seven-year veteran, had just finished his shift and was driving north on Interstate 57 around 2 a.m. when he suspected he was being followed, according to Sheriff Tom Dart. He pulled off the expressway in the 9500 block of South State Street and a car followed him, Dart said.

The 34-year officer was shot twice in the shoulder and grazed his chin, police said. He was taken to Stroger Hospital, where his condition was stabilized.

Dart said the shooter may have wanted the officer's car, but he had no other details.

Hours earlier, a woman and four men were struck by
gunfire near a currency exchange in the South Shore neighborhood, police said. Several people were standing on the sidewalk when a gunman approached on foot and began firing, police said.

The victims ranged in age from 23 to 44 years old, and their conditions were stabilized at hospitals. Sources told WGN-Channel 9 that the shooting may have been retaliation for a gang fight that happened earlier Monday afternoon.
There's a trend developing here.
Thelma Smith was visiting her mother's South Side home Friday night to talk about a birthday party in memory of her son, Samuel Clay, 25, who was shot and killed in April.

After several shots rang out on the next block, Smith rushed over and discovered to her horror that another son, William Lee Martin, 30, had been slain.

The father of six became the latest sad statistic as a violent November came to an end. Shootings jumped to 192 for the month, up 49 percent from 129 a year earlier, according to Police Department records.

Fifty Years Of Bond Girls - Then And Now

Life Among The Barbarians

Muslims unleashed - a human rights catastrophe.
"They committed horrific abuses," said Cilina Nasser, of Amnesty International. "They set up courts, their own courts and claimed to apply Islamic law."

One man, accused of spying for the U.S., was killed and then had his remains crucified. A video obtained by the rights group shows the rotting body, which had been left out in the open for days -- a warning to anyone who might consider doing the same.

In another video, a prisoner, bound and blindfolded, is led to a public square. The man, convicted of spying on al-Qaeda for Saudi Arabia, is then readied for execution.
For the U.S. and Yemen, who for years have been attempting to vanquish a resurgent and emboldened al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the news couldn't have been more dire.

"As the United States and as Saudi Arabia have been very, very concerned about al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula being able to sort of plot, plan and launch attacks from their hideouts in Yemen, the Saudis and Americans have worked together to create these undercover agents," Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert who has written a book on the nation.

But the militants were not only going after alleged spies.

According to Amnesty International, one woman was beheaded for the crime of sorcery. In an extremely disturbing video, her severed head can be seen as it is paraded through the streets.
And one young man, accused of theft, had his hand publicly amputated.

"They detained me in a room for five days," the young man later told the rights group. "They kept beating me hard ... After five days, they gave me an injection and I slept ...When I woke up my hand was not there."

A chilling video shows him lying unconscious -- his left arm stretched out as one man begins cutting through the wrist. Once done, a spectator takes the severed hand and raises it for the gathered crowd to see. Cries of "God is great" can then be heard.
Savages.  Why would we appease these monsters? Thank you Barack Hussein Obama for handing Egypt over to these pigs.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Rachel Carson Was Wrong

Millions of dead later, it's clear that Rachel Carson was full of shit.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of biologist Rachel Carson’s 1962 book, Silent Spring, which argued that man-made chemicals represented a grave threat to human health and the environment. Using harsh and unscientific rhetoric—which was rebuked in the journal Science magazine shortly after its publication—Carson postulated that man-made chemicals affect processes of the human body in “sinister and often deadly ways.”

History has proven Carson’s claims wrong. Contrary to her admonitions, a chemically caused cancer epidemic never came to pass. Researchers who identified environmental factors did not simply target trace chemical exposures as significant, but instead focused on major cancer causes such as tobacco and poor diets. In fact, people are living longer and healthier lives, cancer rates have declined even as chemical use has increased, and chemicals are not among the key causes of cancer.

As the world reexamines Carson’s anti-pesticide legacy, this paper focuses on the importance of chemicals designed for crop production. These agrochemicals represent a subset of the many technologies and practices designed to promote high-yield farming— making it possible for farmers to increase food production per acre. Other technologies include biotechnology, better soil and water management, among other things. Policies that allow strategic development and application of such tools will continue to facilitate the Green Revolution and increase agriculture’s ability to feed the world’s growing population. In addition, high-yield agriculture reduces the amount of land necessary to meet those needs, thereby providing more land for conservation and biodiversity. The adverse impacts of pesticides on human health and the environment are often greatly exaggerated and history shows that these risks can be managed to ensure substantial net benefits.

Meet The New Dictator, Same As The Old Dictator

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood adopts Hosni Mubarak's brutal tactics.
Egypt's ruling party is paying gangs of thugs to sexually assault women protesting in Cairo's Tahrir Square against President Mohamed Morsi, activists said.

They also said the Muslim Brotherhood is paying gangs to beat up men who are taking part in the latest round of protests, which followed a decree by President Morsi to give himself sweeping new powers.

It comes as the Muslim Brotherhood co-ordinated a demonstration today in support of President Mohamed Morsi, who is rushing through a constitution to try to defuse opposition fury over his newly expanded powers.

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Obama Moves To Shut Down Oil Production

So far, the oil industry has managed to endure and even prosper in spite of Obama. So naturally, Obama starts the process of shutting it down
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday announced a plan to consider having the lesser prairie chicken listed as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.

The lesser prairie chicken is a medium-sized, gray-brown grouse, smaller and paler than the greater prairie chicken, its close relative. 

Once found in abundant numbers across much of Southeastern Colorado, Eastern New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle, Western Oklahoma and Western Kansas, the lesser prairie-chicken's historical range of native grasslands and prairies has been reduced by an estimated 84 percent, the service said.

Lawmakers in major oil and gas producing districts immediately cried foul."A listing will have permanent economic consequences for the people of Texas who live and work in the Permian Basin and the Texas Panhandle," said Representative Michael Conaway, a Republican.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Liberal SF Chronicle Goes To Hysterical Lengths

To find signs of economic recovery.
When times are tough, people double up their living situations to save money. Boomerang kids return home after college; twentysomethings share with roommates; couples postpone tying the knot or starting a family; foreclosed-upon families move in with relatives. But when the economy is doing well, household formation rises, as people get the income - and the confidence - to commit to renting or buying their own place. 

That's happening now, according to the Census Bureau. Americans formed 1.15 million new households during the 12 months ended in September - a big jump from the annual average of 650,000 new households added during the prior four years. The current rate is still a bit shy of the typical average of 1.25 million household formations a year.
If you want to fall for crap like this, be my guest. But hard data shows that Obama has destroyed 43 years of economic progress.
The median net worth of American households has dropped to a 43-year low as the lower and middle classes appear poorer and less stable than they have been since 1969.
 According to a recent study by New York University economics professor Edward N. Wolff, median net worth is at the decades-low figure of $57,000 (in 2010 dollars). And as the numbers in his study reflect, the situation only appears worse when all the statistics are taken as a whole.

According to Wolff, between 1983 and 2010, the percentage of households with less than $10,000 in assets (using constant 1995 dollars) rose from 29.7 percent to 37.1 percent. The “less than $10,000″ figure includes the numerous households that have no assets at all, or “negative assets,” which is otherwise known as “debt.”

British Health Care Starves Babies To Death

Another stellar moment in socialized medicine.
Grim Reaper with KidOne doctor has admitted starving and dehydrating ten babies to death in the neonatal unit of one hospital alone. Writing in a leading medical journal, the physician revealed the process can take an average of ten days during which a  baby becomes ‘smaller and shrunken’. The LCP – on which 130,000 elderly and terminally-ill adult patients die each year – is now the subject of an independent inquiry ordered by ministers. …Earlier this month, an un-named doctor wrote of the agony of watching the protracted deaths of babies. …‘I know, as they cannot, the unique horror of witnessing a child become smaller and shrunken, as the only route out of a life that has become excruciating to the patient or to the parents who love their baby.’ …Bernadette Lloyd, a hospice paediatric nurse, has written to the Cabinet Office and the Department of Health to criticise the use of death pathways for children. She said: ‘The parents feel coerced, at a very traumatic time, into agreeing that this is correct for their child whom they are told by doctors has only has a few days to live. It is very difficult to predict death. I have seen a “reasonable” number of children recover after being taken off the pathway. …‘I have also seen children die in terrible thirst because fluids are withdrawn from them until they die. ‘I witnessed a 14 year-old boy with cancer die with his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth when doctors refused to give him liquids by tube. His death was agonising for him, and for us nurses to watch. This is euthanasia by the backdoor.’

If Obama Had Been Honest...

"Balanced approach" goes under the bus.
"What [Obama] proposed this week was a classic bait and switch on the American people—a tax increase double the size of what he campaigned on, billions of dollars in new stimulus spending and an unlimited, unchecked authority to borrow from the Chinese," Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said in Saturday's weekly GOP address. 

"Maybe I missed it but I don’t recall him asking for any of that during the presidential campaign. These ideas are so radical that they have already been rejected on a bipartisan basis by Congress."

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Susan Rice Seeks Shelter In Imaginary Racism

As the Susan Rice saga demonstrates we will never be rid of racism. That’s because liberals need it. It’s their last redoubt when all else fails.

Susan Rice is Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations. Few Americans could have named the person filling that job prior to her Sunday morning talk show fabulism tour a couple of months ago. She was dispatched by her boss to spread the politically expedient lie that the four Americans murdered during the 9/11 terrorist attack on our Benghazi embassy were done in by Libyan film critics upset over a YouTube video. The obvious intent was to smother any mention of the “T-word” (terrorism).

After such a stellar performance, Susan Rice immediately became Hillary Clinton’s likely successor as Secretary of State for Obama’s second term. Unfortunately, there are those in Congress who adhere to the rather quaint notion that America’s top diplomat should be someone whose word can be trusted, at least when she is speaking to the American public or to the Congress.

But in Washington these days, there’s a word for such old fashioned folks. They’re called “racists.” Oh, and they’re also called “sexists” too. If Susan Rice were a lesbian, they’d be homophobes as well.

You see how this works? If you have the proper victim credentials, then you may use those credentials to shield yourself from all criticism.

The Obamatons have argued that, when Rice went on those Sunday shows, the intelligence community had not yet assembled an airtight case for terrorism. That’s nonsense. The CIA knew within minutes that it was terrorism and even knew who had done it. That information was supplied immediately to the White House.

But let’s suspend our incredulity for a moment and grant the Obamatons their point. Even if terrorism wasn’t a certainty, it still remains that there was absolutely zero evidence for the version of events that Susan Rice tried to force feed the American public. The film critic story wasn’t a mistake. It wasn’t a misinterpretation. It was a bald-faced lie.

But, as we are now learning, pointing out such obvious deficiencies constitutes racism. Several Democratic members of Congress marched out to the ever-present cameras and microphones that the mainstream news media keep at their disposal and accused Republicans of employing racist code words, such as “incompetent.”

Does anyone else find it odd that it’s only liberals who think of African-Americans when they hear words like “incompetent?”

But I digress.

The Washington Post described GOP opposition to Susan Rice as “bizarre,” and then went a step further by pointing out that roughly half of Republican congressmen who signed a letter objecting to Rice’s likely nomination represent former Confederate states.

The Post should be asking why most of the rest of Congress is indifferent to Susan Rice’s five stop serial lying tour.

But only Democrats are permitted to shelter under victim’s status. We recently had a highly intelligent, supremely competent, African-American, female Secretary of State also surnamed Rice. She routinely had to endure unambiguous racist smears and taunts from those who claim to have an ear for code words, including the Washington Post.

For example, former Washington Post political cartoonist Ted Rall frequently targeted Condoleeza Rice. He might have hit rock bottom with one cartoon in which he characterized her as George Bush’s “house niggah.”

No, I am not making that up.

Another Washington Post icon, Pat Oliphant, contributed his own racist caricature of Secretary Rice that would have embarrassed the editors of most southern newspapers back in the 1950’s. In his cartoon, Rice was portrayed as a fat-lipped parrot who would repeat anything George Bush ordered her to say.

The New York Times got into the racist smear campaign against Condoleeza Rice as well. Cartoonist Jeff Danziger’s “art” is syndicated by the New York Times. Danziger published a caricature of Rice as a thick-lipped, semi-literate black southern nanny dressed in a grain sack dress, drawling out in what Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid would call a “negro dialect.”

Back in 2001, George W. Bush nominated Honduran immigrant Miguel Estrada to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Democrats vehemently opposed his nomination. In a strategy memo that was leaked to the press, Democrats cited his Latino heritage as the primary basis for their opposition.

I don’t recall reading any complaints about that from the Washington Post. I certainly don’t think that the Post thought that targeted Democratic obstruction of a Latino was bizarre.