Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Obama Breaks Federal Election Law - Brags About It

Chances that anyone will be prosecuted = zero. Chances that MSM will even report, even less.
Did the Obama campaign run afoul of Federal Election Commission rules when trying to get some of their top donors to pay off Hillary Clinton’s campaign debt from 2008? Bloomberg reports [] that the campaign’s finance brass had an intern comb through to find donors who had not maxed out to Clinton in 2008. The FEC puts strict conditions on the use of its data, banning campaigns from using it to solicit contributions. “Candidly, it's really not that uncommon,” said attorney Joseph Birkenstock, an election law specialist with Caplin & Drysdale. Birkenstock said it’s a gray area — was the campaign using the database to find new donors for Clinton or just ensuring that existing Obama donors did not accidentally donate above the legal limits? That’s a big difference, legally speaking. “That's frankly the reason the data exists — it's to keep track of who has given and how much,” said Birkenstock.


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