Friday, February 08, 2013

More Evidence That Michael Bloomberg Is America's Worst Mayor

That last time that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg exercised his formidable weather forecasting skills, he was dismissing the peril presented by Superstorm Sandy

How'd that work out?

Once again he is contradicting the opinion of people who actually know what they're talking about and insisting that today's blizzard is nothing to be concerned about.
“We don’t think that people are going to be that inconvenienced,” the mayor said in a radio interview with John Gambling this morning.


Anonymous Bird of Paradise said...

SLIME(Time)magazine had a big gush peice in their liberal rag recently about BLOOMBERG about how he is facing down the NRA Yeah typicaly a leftists rag like TIME want a big article about this jerk. Frankly TIME needs to go the same way as NEWSWEEK its a total waste of our money to continue to subcribe to this leftists propeganda rag

4:28 PM  

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