Sunday, February 10, 2013

The New York Times Takes On Toy Guns

And sets down a new standard for shark jumping.
Walk into Walmart and you can usually find it: an aisle of weaponry, with names like the Firestrike, Rampage and Hail-Fire, advertising quick firing, ammunition clips and “semi-auto” capability. “Build your arsenal!” read the box for one, sitting next to a “tactical vest” meant to repel barrages of ... foam darts. 
The New York Times sees this a a danger

Those products, you see, are not actual guns but “blasters” made by Nerf, a brand of Hasbro and meant for children ages 8 and up. But in light of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, such toys — and their seemingly quasi-militaristic marketing — have some parents mulling what to say when their children reach for the toy holster. 


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