Saturday, March 09, 2013

Daryl Hannah's Career Suffering Because Of Her Politics?

I thought it was because she was old, ugly and not especially talented. She blames her activism.

The Splash star, talking up her appearance in the new assault on climate change skeptics dubbed Greedy Lying Bastards, says being outspoken in Hollywood comes with a price.

CM: Do you think that your acting career has suffered in any way — or that you’ve lost any roles — because of your outspoken activism?

DH: I know that’s been the case in some instances, for sure. But that’s OK. The truth is, I’m a human being above all. I love life. And I’d love to see life go on on this planet, and thrive.

Hannah also says reporters no longer do investigative journalism for fear of losing their jobs, one reason why the public doesn't demand action on climate change.



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