Thursday, March 28, 2013

Does CNN's CEO Watch His Own Network?

Apparently not.
Five Questions for Kent:
1. When is the last time Dana Bash chased a Democrat down a long congressional hallway?
2. While your objective, unbiased, not-at-all liberal network was working overtime to tie Todd Akin to the tail of Mitt Romney, why were the legal troubles of Jesse Jackson Jr. only mentioned in passing?
3. How much coverage will CNN give the DC March for Marriage today, and will anyone interviewed be offered the same deference and lack of challenging questions the other side has enjoyed from CNN all week?
4. Why is CNN's idea of a "conservative" David Frum? On Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room," Frum is frequently presented as the "conservative" side and just as frequently bashes conservatives. Who is your "liberal" who does the same to Democrats?
5. Why are legitimate stories such as these completely ignored in favor of poop ships, seedy sex murders or yet another segment on those who will benefit from same-sex marriage and gun control?
Actually, I have a few more questions…
6. Rob Portman breaks away on same-sex marriage and gets all kinds of CNN love. Where, then, is the CNN love and attention for "independent-minded" Democrats breaking away from Obama on Keystone, gun control, and the ObamaCare tax on medical devices?
7. Why would a not-at-all-liberal network allow a full primetime hour of that network to be devoted to attacking the Second Ammendment month after month?


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