Monday, March 04, 2013

Old Media Catching Up To New Media

Those of us who have given up on the mainstream news media have long known better than to believe Obama. The ever-vigilant-and-unbiased news media figure out that Obama's word isn't worth much. Skepticism finally ensues. 
The series of false claims from the White House has spurred critical reporting from older establishment media outlets, which usually provides favorable coverage for Obama.

The Washington Post debunked Duncan’s pink-slip claim, for example.

By Friday, reporters were skeptical to the point of asking Obama tough questions during the unscheduled press conference where he made the pay-cut claim. The President shrugged off the questions, however, and mollified reporters with a jokes and flattery.
“What more do you think I should do?  Okay, I just wanted to clarify.  (Laughter.)  Because if people have a suggestion … this is a room full of smart folks,” he said, according to the White House transcript.

But shortly after the press conference, reporters debunked Obama’s claim that sequester-related cuts were causing Capitol Hill pay cute, marking the second false claim in one week.


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