Monday, March 18, 2013

Oregon Teachers Seeing That Low Information Voters Stay That Way

There's something that the teachers union doesn't want you to know.
Oregon state law requires all ballot questions that could raise taxes to bear the following warning on the envelope: CONTAINS VOTE ON PROPOSED TAX INCREASE. The warning must be “boldly printed in red.” This stipulation was itself the product of a ballot measure, approved by voters in 1997.

But the Oregon Education Association wants the red ink provision jettisoned. A union spokesperson convinced the legislature to examine the issue, according to The Oregonian.

 If voters know that a bill contains language that would raise taxes, they are more likely to take action against it. The union’s hostility to the warning is therefore political, said conservative activist Bill Sizemore.
 “They do not want voters to know there is a tax vote on the ballot because they know if they open it up and look at it, they’re more likely to vote no,” he said in a statement.


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