Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photos Of Boston Marathon Bombing Suspects? (Update - Likely Bullshit from the Mainstream New Media Again)

Chris Matthews, Michael Moore and Salon Magazine, among others hardest hit.

One of the men come forward to clear his name here.

Meanwhile, the Boston Police are holding high resolution video of the bombers close to the vest. Are they planning to let Barack Obama stage the release?

Authorities have clear video images of two separate suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings carrying black bags at each explosion site and are planning to release the images today in an appeal for the public’s help in identifying the men, according to an official briefed on the case.

The official said that the two suspects were seen separately on videotape -- one at each of the two bombing sites, which are located about a block apart.

That official, who spoke this morning on the condition of anonymity, said the best video has come from surveillance cameras on the same side of Boylston Street as the explosions. The official said the widely reported Lord Taylor surveillance camera, and snapshots from individual cell phone camera users, have not provided the clearest images.

It was unclear why authorities did not publicize images of the unidentified suspects yesterday. President Obama is visiting Boston today, and the timing of a law enforcement briefing remained unclear.


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