Saturday, December 14, 2013

Jameis Winston, Joshua Strange And Obama's Thumb On The Scales Of Justice

It will be interesting to watch how Florida State University handles the case of Jameis Winston. Freshman quarterback Jameis Winston is the likely winner of this year’s Heisman Trophy. He was also a recent target of a criminal investigation resulting from an accusation of sexual assault dating back to last year.

After viewing all of the evidence and interviewing witnesses, the Florida State Attorney judged that there was not enough evidence to win a conviction. Jameis Winston is now free to compete for the BCS college football championship and to take home the sport’s most prestigious individual honor.

But according to Barack Obama’s Department of Justice, he should be expelled from school and his college football career should be over.

In a bow to radical feminism and with an obscene gesture toward our traditional notions of justice, the Obama Administration has imposed rules on higher education that threatens their federal funding unless due process rules are suspended.

Recently, Auburn University undergraduate Joshua Strange was expelled for sexual misconduct under Obama’s new justice codes. The evidence against him included a complaint lodged by his ex-girlfriend. She was voluntarily spending the night in his bedroom when she abruptly called police and claimed to be the victim of sexual assault.  After the police arrived, she changed her mind about the complaint and returned to his bedroom.

Months later, after the two had broken up, she filed another complaint, alleging that this time he had struck her in the face. The biggest problem with this complaint was that Joshua Strange credibly claimed that he was many miles away. She then renewed her earlier complaint.

A grand jury found no probable cause for prosecution.

Pre-Obama, that would have been the end of it. But Auburn University saw its federal funding threatened. Pre-Obama, Auburn University’s standard for finding a student guilty of sexual misconduct required that the accuser provide "clear and convincing evidence" of a crime. The standard imposed by the Obama Administration lowered that standard to a “preponderance of evidence.” Auburn interprets this as 50.01%. And weighing the evidence is entirely subjective. It also forces the accused to present evidence of his innocence. This is a novel legal standard to say the least.

The Obama Administration has also made federal funding contingent upon colleges and universities providing an environment where "all students feel safe in their school."

To win Joshua Strange’s  expulsion, his accuser only had to claim that his continued presence on campus made her feel unsafe.

Auburn revived the original sexual assault accusation against Joshua Strange and the accused could produce no evidence to prove his innocence. It did not matter that his accuser’s post-complaint behavior was inconsistent with that of a sexual assault victim. Most victims do not return to their attacker’s bedroom the same night, for example.

So what I’m wondering is, will Jameis Winston be held to this new standard? And while I hope that he isn’t, because that would be unjust, a part of me wishes that Florida State would handle the Jameis Winston case according to the new Obama standard, because only that way will the injustice be exposed.

Nobody cares about Joshua Strange. But Jameis Winston is the best player on the nation’s best college football team. All during the investigation, ESPN analysts insisted that he was innocent until proven guilty. Heisman Trophy voters were begged not to withhold votes based upon the accusation. When the Florida State Attorney decided not to pursue the charges, sports reporters across the nation dropped the subject.

If Jameis Winston were held to the same standard as Auburn’s Little Man on Campus, then he should be brought up on charges by Florida State University. He cannot prove his innocence any more than Joshua Strange could prove his. And in Winston’s case, actual physical, forensic evidence exists. And does anyone doubt that Winston’s accuser finds his continued presence on campus makes her feel less safe?

Will this happen? Of course not. Men of stature are held to very different standards than nobodies like Joshua Strange. Joshua Strange’s head is just the sort of trophy that leftists like to hang on their wall. Sacrificing Jameis Winston on radical feminism’s alter would harm the agenda and not advance it because it would expose their agenda for all to see.

If Joshua Strange wanted justice, then he would have had to have been Auburn’s star quarterback.


Anonymous Allison Strange said...

If Auburn had actually investigated the claims of sex assault and misdemeanor CDV, Josh would still be in school. They did not investigate anything. The liberal administrators truly believe that women never lie, and in a "he-said, she-said" situation, the "she" will always win, especially when big money/federal funding is at stake. Obama's administration, despite all of the talk of "fair" and "equal", ultimately cares more about money than the individual and therein lies the hypocrisy of the liberal mind. Josh is a great young man and he is moving on with his life but he will not go quietly.

4:06 AM  

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