Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obama's IRS Nominee Has Little Experience With Taxes

But plenty of experience with politics.
Reuters reports:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Senate panel hearing on President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Internal Revenue Service was set to resume Wednesday after it was abruptly halted on Tuesday at a Republican senator’s request, committee aides said.
John Koskinen, a 74-year-old lawyer with little tax experience chosen by Obama to take over the beleaguered IRS, traveled up to Capitol Hill to face the Senate Finance Committee, but the session did not last long.

Well hey – it’s just the IRS. Why should the person who heads it have significant tax experience? What does the IRS have to do with taxes anyway? Why should its leader need to know anything about taxes?
His most obvious credential is generosity to the Democrats
Koskinen has been a prolific donor to Democratic political campaigns, giving more than $60,000 since 1999, according to Federal Election Commission records.


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