Friday, January 10, 2014

Cover Oregon's Incredibly Crappy Obamacare Rollout Went Better Than Expected

According to that state's delusional governor. And then he fled the interview.
The interview was cut short, however, soon after KATU asked about Kitzhaber’s knowledge of problems with Carolyn Lawson. Lawson, who as Chief Information Officer was responsible for the website’s technical development, resigned for “personal reasons” in November.
The governor claimed he didn’t know of problems with Lawson until late last year.
But in December 2012, Rep. Patrick Sheehan sent an email to the governor’s office that KATU’s Investigators recently unearthed.
The email questioned Lawson’s decision-making, accused her of presenting fraudulent testimony in a legislative hearing and speculated about her ties to Oracle, the company paid tens of millions of dollars to help with the project’s technical aspects.
Kitzhaber denied having seen the email, despite his legislative director having responded “You have raised some serious allegations, and I will make sure that we get his into the right hands in addition to the Governor.”
Kitzhaber told KATU on Thursday that the allegations never made it to his desk.
“In late October was when I first learned about the problems,” Kitzhaber said. “I had (the email) come to my office, but I didn’t see it.”
After Kitzhaber gave that answer, his aid immediately limited KATU to one more question.


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